Quantitative Investing Made Simple

Invest like the world’s elite investment firms

Quantitative Investing Made Simple

Invest like the world’s elite investment firms



quant-tam-ize – /’ˈkwän(t),əm,īz’/ – verb
Applying advanced quantitative analytics to enhance returns and lower risk

Make Decisions

Advanced quantitative tools at your fingertips

Be Informed

Transparent, Actionable and Independent Research

Your Investment Portal

Quantitative analytics and research integrated and simplified into a transparent easy to use investor portal

See what our quantitative analytics can do for your portfolio

The Quantamize Solution

Empowering individual investors with quantitative tools and strategies used by the world’s elite investment firms

Quantamize Global Top Picks

Conviction Buys and Conviction Shorts reports for global equity markets


Concise quantitative reports highlighting some of our strongest scoring stocks for the month


Quantitatively Optimized Thematic Portfolios

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Leverage our research-based systematic strategies to help you enhance portfolio returns


Multi-factor quantitative models derive option trades and pricing on index, commodity and Smart Beta ETFs

ETFs / Smart Beta

Proprietary risk models applied to Index and Smart Beta ETFs

Stock Rankings

Proprietary ranking scores for over 7,500 stocks across 27 different countries

Our quantitative tools help you personalize and optimize your portfolio to help you reach your goals

QuanTrade Connect

Make trading easy by connecting leading online brokers with the Quantamize platform

Investor Tools

Advanced quantitative techniques simplified to harness the power of our analytics

Investor Education

Learn more about multi-factor quantitative strategies and how they can work for you

Stocks Covered


Distinct and Unique Models

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