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Cryptocurrencies Rebounding from Recent Slide as Bitmex Reports Record Trading Volume

Aug 09, 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Volume

Name Ticker Price 1H% CHG 24H%CHG 7D%CHG MARKET CAP 24H VOLUME
Bitcoin BTC USD$6517.46 0.14% 2.73% -13.54% USD$112,098,586,413 USD$4,206,455,423
Ethereum ETH USD$364.1 -0.24% 0.89% -11.44% USD$36,855,762,836 USD$1,615,880,483
EOS EOS USD$5.87 0.33% 3.88% -16.87% USD$5,321,702,363 USD$705,909,869
Bitcoin Cash BCH USD$606.76 -0.29% 2.42% -17.28% USD$10,487,185,171 USD$362,622,200
XRP XRP USD$0.35 0.18% 3.17% -19.81% USD$13,627,356,113 USD$329,783,176

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Price Percent Change

Name Ticker Price 1H% CHG 24H%CHG 7D%CHG MARKET CAP 24H VOLUME
Stellar XLM USD$0.22 1.77% 8.79% -16.87% USD$4,104,029,335 USD$69,447,049
Cardano ADA USD$0.13 0.58% 8.24% -4.56% USD$3,243,240,218 USD$87,478,786
Dash DASH USD$190.2 6.37% 7.82% -8.65% USD$1,568,847,241 USD$131,043,355
OmiseGO OMG USD$4.82 -1.39% 7.64% -12.89% USD$676,563,979 USD$49,668,682
TRON TRX USD$0.03 -0.02% 5.39% -16.82% USD$1,707,705,488 USD$143,229,670


  • Bitmex reports its traiding volume hit 1mm BTC this past wedenesday, the second time it has done that in its history.  The company attributes the jump in volume, in the middle of the recent skid in Bitcoin is related to the cryptocurrency futures exchange’s launch of its ETH/USD perpetual swap.
  • Everipedia, a decentralized encyclopedia, is now live.  Users can earn its proprietary IQ token by adding or editing articles to the platform.  The tokens will let users participate and vote on the blockchain’s governance issues.  The developers behind Everipedia hope that the ecosystem they are building will help ensure the platform remains uncensored independent of commercial influences like advertisements and donations.  
  • Fractonet Innovation Technologies is hoping to launch a new business market, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for corporate entities.  Fractonet is offering a total package to potential clients offering both technology as well as consulting advice on how to use the technology.  The Fractonet protocol uses high security (using SHA-256 standards) as well as speeds that are some of the quickest recorded on a blockchain. Fractonet’s 33,888 transactions per second w along with its five minute block time and 1.5 GB block size, are among the very best metrics to date. 
  • Intuit has been awarded a patent to process Bitcoin via SMS according to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  
  • The Ledger Nano S will not support 8 additional cryptocurrencies: oA, VeChain, Icon, WanChain, Ontology, Kowala, particl and RSK.  
  • The South Korean government is launching a 2018 Innovative Growing Youth Talent Concentration Project to foster development of young persons looking to participate in the emerging blockchain technology sector.  Each person will receive a 6-month training class which will cover topics such as the application of blockchain to other sectors.
  • Spain’s Central Bank (Banco de España – BDE) released a report arguing that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be positive for monetary policy and financial infrastructure in Spain.  The report argues that blockchain technology will help the BDE track money supply more effectively though that assessment is based on the assumption that BDE will control digital currencies.
  • According to Trustwave, 170,000 electronic devices were hacked in Brazil in a targeted cryptojacking attack launched on MicroTik routers.  Following the cryptojacking the hackers installed Coinhive mining malware.  Trustwave is releasing a detection tool to help users block the installation of the Coinhive malware though the trend of cryptojacking, according to Trustwave continues accelerate.