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Quantamize Participates in StockTwits Cryptocurrency Future Forum

Feb 28, 2018

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and are built on technology that few investors truly understand. As such, traditional investors have become hesitant about the prospects of trading cryptos. By ruling out cryptos as a viable investment option altogether, however, traders are doing themselves a disservice. Investors who take the opportunity to learn about the nuances of cryptocurrencies have put themselves in position to benefit from the rising era of crypto.

Last night our CIO, Stephen Mathai-Davis, participated in a StockTwits panel where he gave his insight into the complex world of cryptocurrencies and how to trade them. He provided his view on the potential of cryptos, as well as answered audience questions. This may be of interest to investors who are looking for input from an active crypto trader with first-hand experience of cryptocurrency markets, as well as in-depth knowledge about the functionality of blockchain technology.

To view the video recording of the session click here