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European Stocks Close Today's Session Higher, FTSE 100 Only Major European Index Negative For The Week

Aug 24, 2018

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European Markets

  • European stocks finsihed Friday's trading in positive territory. Materials stocks were the best performers today, lifted by a rise in commodity prices.
  • The Euro Stoxx 600 closed up +0.05%, the FTSE 100 advanced +0.19%, the DAX rose +0.23%, and the CAC 40 finished up +0.24%
  • The FTSE 100 was the only major European index to finish the trading week in the red. 
  • Investor sentiment for European stocks finished trading positive with the advance/decline ratio for the Euro Stoxx 600 currently at 1.21x
  • Basic Resources (+1.49%), Oil & Gas (+0.9%), and Technology (+0.74%) stocks are the top performers in the Euro Stoxx 600 today
    Personal & Household Goods (-0.76%), Telecommunications (-0.42%), and Real Estate (-0.4%) stocks are the worst performers in the Euro Stoxx 600 today
  • 81 stocks in the Euro Stoxx 600 hit 4-week highs while 26 stocks closed at 4-week lows
  • 30 stocks in the Euro Stoxx 600 finished the trading session overbought while 17 stocks closed oversold according to the 16-day RSI Measure
  • VSTOXX, the European stocks equivalent of the VIX, closed little changed -0.46 points today to 13.19 after closing at 13.64 yesterday

Stocks Trending in the News

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  • Antofagasta (LSE:ANTO) traded 3.55% higher today to €8.33 after RBS re-rated the company, and upgraded the stock to outperform from a sector perform rating. Antofagasta is rated as ‘Neutral’ in our United Kingdom All-Cap Global Top Picks.
  • Deutsche Bank AG (DB:DBK) is reportedly seeking to cut 1,000 jobs at the headquarters for the company’s retail division, which is equal to 20% of the division’s workforce. The embattled German bank is seeking to reduce duplicate middle-office and back-office positions in a cost cutting effort. Shares of Deutsche Bank fell 0.06% in today’s trading. Deutsche Bank is rated as ‘Unattractive’ in our US Large-Cap Global Top Picks
  • Siemens AG (DB:SIE) has announced that reports claiming the company will cut 20,000 jobs in accordance with the companies Vision 2020+ plan are “completely unfounded” and that the company has had no such discussions. Siemens traded 0.38% higher today to €112.26

What is Going on with European Currencies?

  • EUR€ is currently up +0.745% against the USD$ to 1.1626
  • GBP£ is currently up +0.328% against the USD$ to 1.2853
  • CHF is currently up +0.335% against the USD$ to 1.0176

Highlights from the European Bond Market

  • German 10-Year Bunds are lower with yields up 0.6 basis points to 0.345%
  • French 10-Year Government Bonds are lower with yields up 0.9 basis points to 0.687%
  • UK 10-Year GILTs are lower with yields up 0.8 basis points to 1.278%
  • Italian 10-Year Government Bonds are lower with yields up 6.4 basis points to 3.152%
  • Spanish 10-Year Government Bonds are lower with yields up 2.1 basis points to 1.394%

Euro Stoxx 50 Movers

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Outperformers Sector Price 1D% CHG Volume
CRH PLC Materials 29.2 1.88%         1,054,979.00
Nokia OYJ Information Technology 4.8 1.37%      14,199,822.00
TOTAL SA Energy 54.9 1.29%         3,979,321.00
Eni SpA Energy 16.4 1.02%         6,161,036.00
Safran SA Industrials 110 0.83%            538,855.00
Underperformers Sector Price 1D% CHG Volume
Engie SA Utilities 13.1 -0.42%         2,918,733.00
Deutsche Telekom AG Telecommunication Services 14.1 -0.39%         7,860,730.00
L'Oreal SA Consumer Staples 207 -0.34%            251,552.00
Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV Consumer Staples 84.7 -0.31%            982,880.00
Deutsche Bank AG Financials 9.82 -0.25%         8,245,287.00