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Quantamize Machine Learning Generated Cryptocurrency "Buy/Don't Own" Signals Launching Soon

Mar 01, 2018

We provide users with the information necessary to make smart investment choices. Whether through QuantShot company profiles, Q-Option trade breakdowns, or blog posts, our goal is to simplify the research process for the independent investor. It is our belief that every investor, equipped with the right information, can invest like the elite investment firms. Soon, sweeping changes to the Quantamize brand and product will be released. We think you will like these updates.

Later this month, we will be releasing our newly designed website to improve the user experience. Not only will the interface be vastly superior to our current offering, but the content will be as well. New features that may be of interest are the machine learning generated cryptocurrency “Buy/Don’t Own” signals. We will be analyzing 25 different cryptos and tracking 4 different crypto currency portfolios. At Quantamize, we are aware of the growing desire for accurate cryptocurrency data, as well as the current lack of availability. Our goal is to help address this gap for our subscribers by providing actionable and transparent information.

The Quantamize cryptocurrency suite of products will provide detailed transparency into the complex behavior of the cryptocurrency markets, allowing traders to make improved investment decisions. The volatile nature of cryptos has caused many investors to question their viability as an investment option. At Quantamize we believe that with the proper information and tools at their disposal investors will be positioned to benefit from the wealth creation opportunity that cryptos offer.