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Crypto Thursday: Transaction Volumes of Top Cryptocurrencies Over the Last Year

Sep 13, 2018

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This week we look at the transaction volumes of 5 key cryptocurrencies over the last year.  

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) observed a large spike in transactions in September as the BCH community conducted a 'stress test' to push the limits of the BCH blockchain, crypto exchanges, and crypto wallets. Despite not hitting its goal of 5 million transactions, the test was deemed successful, as transaction fees and times were little changed. 
  • Despite Ripple's title of king of crypto transaction speed, transaction volume has steadily fallen off since peaking in January, calling into question if the coin has the demand to utilize its transaction capabilities. 
  • Bitcoin has gained steady transaction volume growth since hitting a low in April, a very promising sign for the top cryptocurrency by marketcap. Steady transaction growth suggests steady demand growth for the cryptocurrency. 


Bitcoin Transactions Volume

Bitcoin Cash Transactions Volume

Ethereum Transactions Volume

Litecoin Transactions Volume

Ripple Transactions Volume

Source: BitInfoCharts all graphs