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Macro Monday: Comparing Real GDP across Latin America

Sep 24, 2018

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This week we are comparing Real GDP growth across countries of Latin America.

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Looking at the graphs below we can see

  • Argentina has seen its GDP crater over the last 3 quarters from +4% growth rate to -4% growth rate
  • Brazil has seen 4 quarters of positive growth after a long period of contraction
  • Chile is experiencing an improvement in real GDP post the election of a markets-friendly President
  • Colombia has seen 5 years of growth though recently at a lower rate
  • Mexico has seen an uptick in growth over the last 2 quarters
  • Peru has been the darling of the region, experiencing real GDP growth of +2-3% over the last few years


Argentina - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Brazil -  Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Chile - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Colombia - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Mexico - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Peru - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Source: Bloomberg all graphs

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