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As financial giants and crypto industry leaders convene with lawmakers in Washington to discuss regulation, cryptocurrencies are largely down

Sep 25, 2018

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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Volume

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
Bitcoin BTC USD$6414.74 -0.2% -2.96% 1.4% USD$110,895,059,152 USD$4,382,434,381
Ethereum ETH USD$208.96 -0.54% -10.71% 2.08% USD$21,351,338,543 USD$1,909,320,182
XRP XRP USD$0.45 -0.3% -15.21% 49.74% USD$17,822,024,711 USD$1,137,865,171
EOS EOS USD$5.17 0.22% -9.44% 3.57% USD$4,681,640,637 USD$739,221,055
Bitcoin Cash BCH USD$436.36 -0.39% -6.95% 1.7% USD$7,578,445,910 USD$376,844,481

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Price Percent Change

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
Bitcoin BTC USD$6414.74 -0.2% -2.96% 1.4% USD$110,895,059,152 USD$4,382,434,381
Monero XMR USD$113.18 0.2% -3.56% 2.83% USD$1,860,248,658 USD$31,705,418
NEM XEM USD$0.09 0.16% -4.69% 6.55% USD$830,623,889 USD$11,201,636
Litecoin LTC USD$55.27 0.05% -4.72% 4.2% USD$3,230,091,770 USD$298,281,485
Ethereum Classic ETC USD$10.6 -0.14% -4.73% 0.24% USD$1,110,454,889 USD$151,220,314

Crypto News

  • A study, titled, “Crypto Asset Market Coverage Initiation: Trading & Custody” projects that digital currency trading volume will grow by 50% in 2019. The study, conducted by Satis Group, also forecasts an overall Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9% through 2028 in crypto trading volume. The study points out that 75% of current crypto trading volume takes place on the top 20 crypto exchanges.  
  • According to data compiled by Diar, a prominent cryptocurrency newsletter, American government bodies have spent over USD$5.7 million of taxpayer money to purchase services provided by blockchain analysis companies. The government has purchased these services in order to investigate blockchains for illegal activities, including money laundering and terrorist financing.  
  • After a bug was revealed and patched in Bitcoin Core that an individual could have exploited to create more Bitcoin, the Bitcoin community is looking forward to see how they can create a more robust process for code review. Developers have purposed more frequent, sophisticated tests that are geared at locating severe and hard to find bugs, like the one last week.  
  • Andreessen Horowitz, a large US venture capital fund, has invested USD$15 million into blockchain startup, MakerDAO. MakerDAO is the maker of Ethereum-based stablecoin, DAI, and the decentralized credit system behind it. With the USD$15 million investment, Andreessen Horowitz now owns 6% of the total supply of DAI.  
  • Bitwala, a startup blockchain banking service based out of Germany, has closed a funding round that generated more than EUR4 million. The funding round was led by Earlybird Venture Capital. The successful funding round will allow Bitwala to launch its fully regulated blockchain bank service by November 2018.  
  • Cryptocurrency investment platform, Circle, has announced that it has added EOS, Stellar, 0x, and Qtum to its platform. The addition of these four coins brings the total amount of listings on Circle to 11. Circle also announced a new feature called Explore. Explore is a tool that will allow users to research contextual and relevant information about different aspects of cryptocurrencies in a simplified way.  
  • Gemini, the New York-based cryptocurrency exchange owned by the Winklevoss Twins, reportedly has plans to enter the UK market. According to the Financial Times, Gemini has begun to hire consultants for the expansion project. The move to the UK would put Gemini in direct competition with Coinbase and Bithumb, two other US crypto exchange giants with operations in the UK.  
  • IBM has held several meetings with members of US Congress, specifically with members of the US Congressional Blockchain Caucus, to discuss blockchain use in ID systems, payments, and supply chains in the government. During a meeting yesterday, September 24th, IBM’s Vice President for Blockchain Technology and Chief Technology Officer, Jerry Cuomo, said to officials, “Blockchain is ready for government, let’s get government ready for blockchain.” 
  • Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency wallet provider, Blockchain, announced Thursday that it has filed a lawsuit against just days before is set to launch an initial coin offering (ICO). The lawsuit surrounds’s similar name to Blockchain, citing concerns that investors may think they are buying tokens distributed by the crypto wallet, Blockchain.  
  • Representatives from the United States’ largest financial companies and cryptocurrency startups will be convening in Washington D.C. with lawmakers this afternoon to discuss the crypto regulatory landscape. The discussion will be a roundtable and is called, “Legislating Certainty for Cryptocurrencies.” The roundtable will focus on policy making in the new asset class while homing in on the trio of blockchain bills slated to be introduced in the US House of Representatives this Fall.   
  • SBI Holdings, the investment arm of financial giant, SBI Group, announced that it is testing a crypto token that would be used for retail payments through mobile devices. The token, dubbed “S coin”, is one based on distributed ledger technology and would allow users to carry out cash free transactions in retail environments. S coin is currently being tested by SBI’s employees at cafes and restaurants around SBI’s headquarters in Tokyo.  
  • South American crypto exchange,, has requested the help of Colombian President, Ivan Duque, in resuming operations in Columbia. Reported by local news outlet, La Republica, the digital asset exchange had about 35,000 accounts in Columbia before it was forced to terminate operations after the Columbia’s banks closed all of the exchange's accounts due to lack of guarantees.  
  • The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has issued a new report outlining that cryptocurrencies, at the moment, do not pose a risk to global financial stability. The report directly contradicts a statement made earlier this year by the head of BIS, Agustin Carstens, when he called Bitcoin a, “combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme, and an environmental disaster.” The same report goes onto add that cryptocurrency markets and prices are still highly swayed by news events related to regulation.  
  • Walmart and its division, Sam’s Club, will begin to require suppliers of produce to implement farm-to-store tracking systems that use blockchain technology. The tracking system Walmart wants its produce suppliers to implement is a distributed ledger technology system developed by IBM. Walmart will require its produce suppliers to implement the blockchain tacking system by September 2019. 

*Data in Price Return and Updated Real-Time (with a delay), Source: StockDio