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Macro Monday: Comparing Real GDP across Emerging Asia

Oct 01, 2018

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This week we are comparing Real GDP growth across countries of Emerging Asia.

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Looking at the graphs below we can se

  • While investors have been focused on the deceleration in growth in Chinese GDP, India, the second largest economy in the region, has been experiencing an acceleration in GDP growth -- broke above 8% for the quarter ending June 30th
  • Indonesia, one of our favorite emerging markets, has seen a steady acceleration in GDP growth through CY2017
  • Vietnam, a favorite frontier market of institutional emerging markets investors, has seen GDP growth accelerate to almost 7% a/o the end of CY2017
  • Both Thailand and South Korea have been experiencing steady improvement in GDP growth with rates north of 3%


China - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

India - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Indonesia - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

South Korea - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Thailand - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018

Vietnam - Real GDP Growth 2013-2018


Source: Bloomberg all graphs