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A Clear and Detailed 10-Year Plan may make TRON a Viable Long-Term Investment Opportunity

Oct 09, 2018

  • TRON is a decentralized platform that leverages blockchain and peer-to-peer network technology to facilitate the sharing of entertainment content. The platform aims to distrust the USD$1 trillion global entertainment industry by cutting out middlemen like Apple's App Store and Google Play Store and connecting content creators directly with consumers.  
  • TRON and its development team have four goals, to:
            1. Eliminate data malpractice by enabling free and uncontrolled data practices on their platform.  
            2. Create a content creation ecosystem where users are rewarded with digital assets, specifically with Tron 20 Tokens, for creating and sharing content.
            3. Give individuals an ability to launch personal initial coin offerings (ICOs) and distribute digital assets.  
            4. Create an infrastructure that allows for decentralized game creation and market forecasting.  
  • Two different tokens are associated with TRON’s platform: 
            1. Tron 20 Tokens, which give content owners the option to spend and burn Tron 20 Tokens to create custom tokens on the platform.  
            2. Tronix Tokens (TRX), which hold value and can be used to interact with the TRON network. TRX can also be stored and locked away to give users more voting power and a higher status on the platform. The more TRX stored, the higher the reward. 
  • TRON developers have laid out a clear and detailed 6-part plan to successfully decentralize the global entertainment industry, content creation business, and gaming industry through the implementation of various features on its TRON platform over the next 8-10 years.  
  • This is not the norm in the cryptocurrency industry. Often times, coins and their platforms lack a clear direction due to poor leadership or a community-run governance structure.  
  • The clear vision and direction of TRON leads us to believe that TRX may be a viable long-term investment opportunity. 
  • TRX is currently trading at USD$0.025725/token. 

1-Year TRON (TRX) Price Chart