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Macro Monday: Comparing Key Data Points of the Italian Economy

Nov 26, 2018



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This week we are comparing key macroeconomic data points of the economy of Italy.


From the graphs below we highlight:

  • The Italian economy saw an uptick in growth over the last 3 years and appears to be cooling
  • Unemploytment has trended lower over the last 4 years with the generally improved macroeconomic situation in Italy
  • Inflation has ticked up with the increase in economix activity over the last 2 years
  • The Italian trade balance has dropped significantly over the last 3 months


Italian GDP - 5 Years, Quarterly

Italian Unemployment - 5 Years, Monthly


Italian Inflation, CPI y/y, Monthly - 5 Years

Italian Trade Balance, Monthly - 5 Years

Italian Balance of Payments, Quarterly - 5 Years

Source: S&P CapIQ all graphs