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Nasdaq may launch BTC Futures trading in 1Q 2019, cryptos continue freefall

Nov 27, 2018


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Volume

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
Bitcoin BTC USD$3723.77 0.6% -5.81% -18.64% USD$64,779,418,717 USD$6,526,080,370
Ethereum ETH USD$104.57 0.85% -7.86% -23.47% USD$10,818,235,960 USD$2,256,468,340
EOS EOS USD$2.96 0.92% -10.1% -21.31% USD$2,679,780,948 USD$1,010,990,489
XRP XRP USD$0.35 0.39% -6.07% -23.03% USD$14,040,301,400 USD$802,031,405
Litecoin LTC USD$29.56 1.55% -4.33% -12.75% USD$1,753,863,184 USD$536,395,054

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Price Percent Change

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
NEM XEM USD$0.07 -0.41% 2.93% -9.73% USD$645,627,271 USD$14,227,003
Litecoin LTC USD$29.56 1.55% -4.33% -12.75% USD$1,753,863,184 USD$536,395,054
Dash DASH USD$87.0 0.76% -4.59% -16.65% USD$736,631,031 USD$106,685,552
IOTA MIOTA USD$0.26 0.0% -5.22% -16.26% USD$727,649,770 USD$12,873,321
Monero XMR USD$53.12 0.83% -5.26% -22.86% USD$881,828,691 USD$19,697,404


Crypto News

  • Cryptocurrency prices are once again deep in the red with the price of Bitcoin (BTC) down 6.87% in the last 24 hours to the USD$3,700 level and total cryptocurrency market capitalization down USD$9bn in the last 24 hours to USD$120.7bn. Notably, investors are selling off forked variants of the Bitcoin Cash Network as Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH) is down a substantial 16.37% in the last 24 hours to USD$172.70 and Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) is down a whopping 22.43% in the last 24 hours to USD$91.42. Among major coins, Litecoin (LTC) has fallen the least, down 6.44% in the last 24 hours to USD$29.21. 
  • Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced on their website Monday that they are creating a new unified market for stablecoins. Although Binance did not provide details of the new stablecoin market, what is known is that stablecoin Tether (USDT) will be a part of it. It appears that Binance will denominate stablecoins on its exchange with an ‘encircled s’ symbol, as the change has already been made on the exchange to USDT. Binance explained the new stablecoin market on their website, writing, “This is to support more trading pairs with different stablecoins offered as a base pair. Please note that (USDⓈ) is not a new stablecoin; it is the symbol of Binance’s new stablecoin market.”
  • BitPay, a large cryptocurrency payments processor, published a company blog post on Monday explaining that its open-source Bitcoin (BTC) wallet Copay was compromised by malicious code. While warning wallet users that they “should not run or open the app,” BitPay’s blog post explains that the code loads malware onto the user’s device that is capable of stealing private keys. The blog post was keen to highlight that the BitPay application itself was not affected, only the CoPay open-source BTC wallet. Further, BitPay recommended that users assume their private keys compromised and that they should move holdings to a new and secure v5.2.0 wallet “immediately”. 
  • Coinbase Wallet, a product offered by major US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, announced the support of Ethereum Classic (ETC) in a company blog post Tuesday morning. The blog post discusses that support for ETC will be rolled out over the “next few days”, which will enable users to send and receive ETC from their wallet address. This past June, Coinbase announced that it would begin listing ETC trading pairs, which was followed by a large spike in the price of ETC. ETC is currently the 17th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. 
  • Jay Clayton, the Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), appeared on CNBC Monday night and reiterated the securities regulator’s hard stance on Initial Coin Offering (ICO) compliance. While speaking in the interview, Clayton reaffirmed the need for companies to conduct ICOs within SEC guidelines. “We’ve had no ICOs register,” said Clayton in the interview while adding, “To the extent that an ICO is being conducted offshore or pursuant to a private placement exemption, fine; to the extent that you’ve conducted a public offering in an ICO, it’s non-compliant.” The cryptocurrency community is currently awaiting the highly anticipated decision by the SEC to approve or reject nine Bitcoin (BTC) ETF applications. 
  • Nasdaq, a major US stock exchange, could launch Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading as early as 1Q2019, according to a report by Bloomberg. While citing two people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Nasdaq, “has been working to satisfy the concerns of the US’s main swaps regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), before launching the contracts.” Nasdaq initially announced a year ago that it would roll out BTC futures trading by mid-2018 shortly after CBOE and CME Group each set a date to launch their own BTC futures trading. 
  • Singaporean parliament has tabled a new bill that would see cryptocurrency payments services, electronic wallets, and digital payment coins like Bitcoin (BTC) fall under the jurisdiction of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country’s central bank. Called the “Payments Services Bill”, the piece of legislation would also cover both domestic and international money transfers as well as foreign exchange transactions. Under the Payments Services Bill, payment services firms would be required to apply for different licenses depending on the nature of their business in order to legally offer the services they purpose.



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