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Cryptocurrencies fall lower midday, Coinbase announces Zcash listing

Dec 05, 2018



Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Volume

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
Bitcoin BTC USD$3797.56 0.56% -3.81% -10.55% USD$66,110,378,825 USD$5,336,377,460
Ethereum ETH USD$103.96 0.23% -5.76% -14.01% USD$10,772,579,747 USD$2,038,612,749
EOS EOS USD$2.26 0.32% -8.04% -30.49% USD$2,047,294,022 USD$842,918,916
XRP XRP USD$0.34 0.36% -3.29% -12.34% USD$13,745,898,715 USD$404,092,678
Litecoin LTC USD$29.78 0.48% -4.59% -13.96% USD$1,770,088,325 USD$398,357,009

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Price Percent Change

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
NEM XEM USD$0.08 0.74% 0.01% -6.4% USD$687,523,431 USD$11,155,543
TRON TRX USD$0.01 0.2% -1.73% -4.67% USD$934,746,751 USD$70,262,332
XRP XRP USD$0.34 0.36% -3.29% -12.34% USD$13,745,898,715 USD$404,092,678
VeChain VET USD$0.0 1.76% -3.56% -13.54% USD$250,893,174 USD$7,342,686
Bitcoin BTC USD$3797.56 0.56% -3.81% -10.55% USD$66,110,378,825 USD$5,336,377,460


Crypto Market Recap

  • Cryptocurrency prices continued to fall lower through midday trading as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is down 3.86% in the last 24 hours to USD$3,795.23. Among major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the biggest laggard, down 11.23% in the last 24 hours to USD$133.5, representing an all-time low. Binance Coin (BNB) is the only top-30 cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the green, up 3.77% in the last 24 hours to USD$6.14 as Binance teases the launch of decentralized exchange Binance Chain.

Crypto Developments in Financial Services

  • Coinbase, a major US-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that clients using its retail cryptocurrency exchange,, can now buy, sell, send, receive, or store major privacy coin Zcash (ZEC). In an official release today, Coinbase announced that both transparent and shielded transactions can be conducted on using ZEC. The announcement comes after Coinbase rolled out ZEC trading services for Coinbase Pro, its institutional trading platform.  
  • R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm, announced that Ripple (XRP) will be the first cryptocurrency token to be supported on Corda Settler, a new open source Corda-based decentralized application (CorDapp) built to be a universal payment settlement platform. According to a report by news outlet Finextra, Corda Settler allows payment obligations on the Corda blockchain to be settled on any parallel payment network that supports cryptocurrencies or assets. CTO of R3, Richard Gendal Brown, said in reference to the news, “The deployment of Corda Settler and its support for XRP as the first settlement mechanism is an important step in showing how the powerful ecosystems cultivated by two of the world’s most influential crypto and blockchain communities can work together.”

Crypto Regulatory Environmental

  • Seven member states of the European Union (EU) agreed at a meeting of EU transport ministers in Brussels on Tuesday to release a declaration calling on other member states to help promote the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the region, as per a report by news outlet the Financial Times. Reportedly initiated by Malta, six other member states agreed to the declaration, including France, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, and Greece. The declaration released cites, “education, transport, mobility, shipping, Land Registry, customs, company registry, and healthcare,” as services that can benefit from DLT in southern EU economies.

General Crypto News

  • Amid the continued cryptocurrency bear market, Ethereum (ETH) blockchain software solutions firm ConsenSys is reportedly considering a restructure. In a note to its employees, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin warned staff of an upcoming reorganization as the company enters its new phase, ConsenSys 2.0. As per a report by Forbes, the note details that ConsenSys now finds itself, “occupying a very competitive universe,” and that it, “must retain, and in some cases regain, the lean and gritty startup mindset that made us who we are.”
  • Roger Ver, CEO of and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) pundit, remains bullish in his outlook for cryptocurrencies, telling Bloomberg that the, “future is brighter than ever.” Ver, who in the past has criticized Bitcoin (BTC) in favor of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), put the cryptocurrencies’ differences aside while being interviewed by Bloomberg in Tokyo, Japan, saying, “Long-term, the future’s brighter than ever: there’s more awareness, there’s more adoption, there’s more stuff happening all over the world,” adding, “Of course I’m incredibly bullish on the whole cryptocoin ecosystem.”



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