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Dec 07, 2018


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Data as of December 7, 2018

2-Year Trends

US Stock Market Today 12/29/2017 High Low
S&P 500 INDEX 16.07x 18.66x 20.10x 16.07x
RUSSELL 2000 INDEX 23.88x 27.78x 35.28x 23.59x
NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX 20.44x 22.52x 24.76x 20.20x
DOW JONES INDUS. AVG. 15.26x 18.51x 19.78x 15.18x
RUSSELL 3000 INDEX 16.67x 19.45x 21.20x 16.67x

2-Year Trends

Europe Stock Markets Today 12/29/2017 High Low
STSE 600 € Pr 13.35x 15.57x 16.53x 13.26x
EURO STOXX 50 Pr 12.86x 14.45x 15.99x 12.80x
DAX INDEX 11.93x 13.38x 15.19x 11.93x
FTSE 100 INDEX 11.99x 15.11x 16.90x 11.86x
CAC 40 INDEX 12.86x 15.24x 16.12x 12.77x
IBEX 35 INDEX 11.83x 13.31x 16.49x 11.45x
FTSE MIB INDEX 10.35x 13.74x 25.12x 10.19x
MSCI EUROPE 13.11x 15.45x 16.67x 13.02x

2-Year Trends

Asia Stock Markets Today 12/29/2017 High Low
NIKKEI 225 15.62x 18.01x 19.74x 14.90x
HANG SENG INDEX 10.90x 12.61x 13.58x 10.27x
CSI 300 INDEX 11.14x 14.15x 16.11x 10.49x
S&P BSE SENSEX INDEX 20.35x 20.92x 23.25x 17.26x
KOSPI INDEX 8.68x -- 11.49x 8.28x
S&P/ASX 200 INDEX 14.57x 16.50x 16.74x 14.36x

2-Year Trends

International Indices Today 12/29/2017 High Low
MSCI ACWI 14.39x 16.77x 17.75x 14.33x
MSCI WORLD 14.87x 17.41x 18.38x 14.87x
MSCI EAFE 13.03x 15.52x 16.39x 12.95x
MSCI AC ASIA PACIFIC 12.38x 14.43x 15.17x 11.84x
MSCI AC ASIA x JAPAN 12.11x 13.82x 14.95x 11.34x