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Cryptocurrencies extend losses amid scarcity of profitable crypto mining

Dec 11, 2018



Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Volume

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
Bitcoin BTC USD$3437.02 0.76% -1.46% -13.19% USD$59,866,338,322 USD$4,645,233,044
Ethereum ETH USD$89.7 1.63% -1.72% -18.8% USD$9,305,916,184 USD$1,676,322,374
EOS EOS USD$1.87 1.44% -4.68% -23.9% USD$1,691,367,545 USD$759,468,601
XRP XRP USD$0.3 0.36% -0.44% -14.76% USD$12,317,194,230 USD$393,995,019
Litecoin LTC USD$23.97 0.98% -2.96% -23.41% USD$1,426,746,376 USD$381,524,402

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies sorted by 24 hour Price Percent Change

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Name Ticker Price 1H %Chg 24H %Chg 7D %Chg Market Cap Volume
Qtum QTUM USD$1.67 -0.55% 4.79% -14.97% USD$148,627,008 USD$127,019,252
TRON TRX USD$0.01 0.6% 0.95% -7.13% USD$888,083,587 USD$61,640,415
XRP XRP USD$0.3 0.36% -0.44% -14.76% USD$12,317,194,230 USD$393,995,019
Cardano ADA USD$0.03 1.49% -1.37% -21.43% USD$770,220,105 USD$10,437,673
Bitcoin BTC USD$3437.02 0.76% -1.46% -13.19% USD$59,866,338,322 USD$4,645,233,044


Crypto Market Recap

  • Cryptocurrencies extended their losses through afternoon trading as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is down 1.47% in the last 24 hours to USD$3,436.54. Among major cryptocurrencies, TRON (TRX) and Binance Coin (BNB) are seeing gains, up 1.04% and 2.91% to USD$0.013415 and USD$4.84, respectively. Dash (DASH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) are the worst performing cryptocurrencies this afternoon, down 6.31% and 6.01% to USD$64.27 and USD$90.05, respectively.

Crypto Developments in Financial Services

  • Coinone, a South Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange, has officially launched Cross, a cross-border payments application that leverages Ripple’s xCurrent product to increase efficiencies. The application, released by Coinone’s payments subsidiary, Coinone Transfer, targets unbanked or underbanked South Koreans by enabling the transfer of funds to Thailand or the Philippines at a low cost.  
  • Gemini, the cryptocurrency trading platform founded by the Winklevoss twins, announced the launch of a mobile crypto trading application in an official blog post today. Accompanying the launch of the crypto trading app is a new investment vehicle, dubbed, “The Cryptoverse,” that is comprised of a basket of cryptocurrencies weighted by market capitalization. While speaking to Bloomberg today, Cameron Winklevoss said that, “A lot of our decisions have perhaps given off a perception that we’re more institutional-based. The reality of the situation is that we have a diverse customer base. And the retail story is just beginning.” The Winklevoss twins went on to detail of a goal to expand reach to Asian markets by 2019’s end.   

Crypto Regulatory Environment

  • The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is interested in learning more about the Ethereum (ETH) network, its technology, and the markets build around it. On Tuesday, the CFTC published a Request for Input (RFI) that requests the public’s feedback on different questions concerning Ethereum. The RFI explains that its goal is to inform the CFTC about Ethereum and similar emerging technology, saying, “The input from this request will advance the CFTC’s mission of ensuring the integrity of the derivatives market as well as monitoring and reducing the systematic risk by enhancing legal certainty in the markets. The RFI seeks to understand the similarities and distinctions between certain virtual currencies, including here ether and bitcoin, as well as ether-specific opportunities, challenges, and risks.”

General Crypto News

  • Amid the continued cryptocurrency sell-off, only two cryptocurrency mining machines remain profitable, according to real-time data from, which calculates the profitability of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners, indicates that only indicates that only the Ebank Ebit E11++ and ASICminer 8 Nano 44Th mining models are profitable for mining cryptocurrencies based on the SHA-256 hash function -- notable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) use this has function.
  •, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency payments platform, announced the appointment of former PayPal executive Tyson Hackwood to serve as the firm’s Vice President and Head of Global Merchant Acquisition in an official press release today. aims to increase cryptocurrency adoption by both merchants and consumers through their point-of-sale (PoS) transaction terminals. CEO Kris Marszalek believes that Hackwood will be integral in furthering this goal, saying, “As we develop the Chain to fulfill the current industry need to pay and be paid in crypto, Tyson will play an important role in expanding the number and quality of merchants that are part of our network.”
  • Jeremy Henrickson, the former Chief Product Officer at Coinbase, has departed the US-based cryptocurrency exchange after serving since July 2016. “Jeremy’s contributions to Coinbase over the past two years were invaluable,” said a Coinbase spokesperson, adding that, “he helped to build our scrappy startup team into a high-functioning product and engineering organization -- overseeing a 5x+ growth of the team.” Henrickson’s departure comes after long-term Coinbase executives Adam White and Hunter Merghart left the US-based cryptocurrency exchange in recent months.



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