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I Am Net Worthy - The Financial Master Plan For Millennials, by Chris Smith, the Book of the Week

Jan 02, 2019


This week we are focusing on I Am Net Worthy - The Financial Master Plan For Millennials, by Chris Smith, as the Quantamize Book of the Week



From student loans to savings accounts, cars to credit scores, I Am Net Worthy covers all the essential aspects of personal finance for today's young adults. Let's face it, many young adults and millennials today have no grasp over their personal finances. In a world where everybody is trying to one up one another, it's more important for people to "look" rich right now, rather than be rich or financially independent a few years down the line. Would you rather be the Big Spender or the Big Saver?

Financial expert Chris Smith teams up with 9 different millennial co-authors in each chapter, resulting in a uniquely authentic, swift, engaging read. Hear different perspectives from people who represent a wide variety of diverse backgrounds with one common goal in mind, financial independence. I Am Net Worthy provides a practical, step by step approach to tackle your personal finances head on.

Becoming financially independent may seem like a long shot to some, and thinking about debt, saving, investing, cars, houses can be very daunting, but we're here to help. It's time to stop throwing your hard earned income away and start putting your money to work for a healthy financial future.

"But I'm only 19, I don't have to worry about this stuff yet." By learning the basics at a young age, you will be miles ahead of others your age and well on your way to a strong financial future.

"I'm over 30, did I miss the boat?" No! Not a chance. I Am Net Worthy will give you the proper guidance and financial plan to execute on, no matter what age you are. There's no better time to start than now. Your future self will thank you.

Here's some of things that you will learn: Your Million Dollar Plan

  • The basics of money from saving to investing
  • How to create a proper budget to not overspend
  • Purchasing a car or home
  • Long term investing ...

and much, much more.


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