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It's time to buy eCommerce Giant Alibaba NOW! We tell you why it is a SCREAMING BUY in 1 minute.

Apr 11, 2019

Hey I'm Stephen from Quantamize, and I've got a great stock idea that I want to share with you. You're not going to want to miss this. You're watching the Quantamize Stocks Trade Update.

Our top stock idea today is Alibaba, the ecommerce giant in China. Our Quantamize models are saying it's a screaming buy. I know you know all about it, but let me tell you why you should take a look at it.

It is trading at three or four times next year's earnings, but earnings is expected to grow nearly 40% next year. That translates to a PEG of less than one times. Now remember, when you're buying growth stocks, it's not about the multiple you're paying. It's about the discounted future growth. Anything less than one is awesome, and it means that you should probably consider that growth stock, as a "value opportunity."

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