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A Great SMID-Cap Stock For You! Find Out Why You Should Consider Chesapeake Lodging Trust Now!

Apr 11, 2019


Hi, I'm Stephen from Quantamize and I've got a great SMID-Cap idea that you're gonna want to hear about. You're watching a Quantamize Stocks Trade Update.

Today's stock idea is Chesapeake Lodging Trust, ticker CHSP. Look, it's trending a little rich, a little bit more than 24 times next 12 month's earnings. But that's okay. Remember, it's a SMID-Cap stock and sometimes you've got to pay up a little bit for SMID-Cap. But it's one of our favorite SMID-Cap names this month.

I love buying stocks with return investments capitals and proving, and Chesapeake Lodging is no different, with return on investment capital increasing year over year. Now what does that mean for you? That means the company's creating shareholder value and that means over time, Chesapeake Lodging will go up.

Did I mention that Chesapeake Lodging has got a dividend yield of literally 5.7%? Come on, why aren't you looking at this? We love it, and it's a name you need to consider. Chesapeake Lodging, ticker CHSP, it's one of our best SMID-Cap ideas this month.

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