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Haverty Furniture (HVT) is Today's Top Buy Idea! We tell you why in under 2 minutes.

Apr 12, 2019

Hey, I'm Stephen from Quantamize, and I've got an exciting US SMID Cap idea that you're gonna wanna hear about. You're watching the Quantamize Stocks Trade Update.

I'm so excited to share this idea with you. The idea is Haverty Furniture, ticker HVT. The company produces home furnishings like bookcases, tables, chairs, et cetera. You name it, they do it for your home. The stock is trading at 17 times next year's earnings, but we're not too scared off by that. Now, remember, we love return on vested capital and return on vested capital for Haverty has been increasing incrementally every year.

What does that mean? Increasing return on vested capital translates to more value for you as a shareholder. More value for you as a shareholder, that equals a higher share price over time.

I personally love buying stocks when return on vested capital's increasing. Did I mention the dividend yield is nearly 3%? It's definitely a name you need to check out. It's our top SMID Cap idea for the day. Haverty Furniture. And you're not gonna wanna miss this stock.

Thanks for watching this video. We'd love to hear what you think about this trade idea, as well as some of our others. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Leave a comment below. Shoot us a Tweet, or send us an email. I'm Stephen from Quantamize, and you were just watching Quantamize Stocks Trade Update.