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Cryptocurrency Morning Brief

May 14, 2018

  • HSBC reportedly has completed the first commercial trade-finance transaction using blockchain. The exchange was a shipment of soybeans transported from Argentina to Malaysia last week and parties involved used blockchain technology developed by the R3 consortium
  • OKEx’s CEO has stepped down from his position in hopes to “start a new life” from an official statement.
  • MegaCryptoPolis, a blockchain developed virtual city, will be available for users to interact on and play as a strategy game. The city will be developed on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Steve Hunt is leaving his CTO role at Jump Trading and will be joining the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. The trend for workers to leave coveted positions on Wall Street to join the cryptocurrency industry remains prevalent
  • Bitbond, an online Germany bank is now allowing customers to transfer loans using Bitcoin. Payments work independently of where customers are located. Germany is keen on adopting Bitcoin as it has the second most nodes in the world, behind the US
  • The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has banned all financial services institutions in the country from trading cryptocurrency. The central bank is hoping to protect the public and the country’s financial system
  • Quantamize’s rolling 3-Day Cryptocurrency Signals are on day three of their forecast and currently only 3 cryptocurrencies are “Buys” out of the 30 cryptocurrencies that Quantamize models