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Cryptocurrency Morning Brief

May 16, 2018

  • Coinbase said that it will be upgrading its services to cater to ultrafast traders. This upgrade will make Coinbase one of the first bitcoin exchanges to welcome high frequency trading. High frequency trading accounted for 55% of volume in the US stock market last year. Coinbase believes the plan will benefit customers by reducing the bid-ask spread

  • Social cryptocurrency trading and brokerage firm eToro is expanding to the United States in an announcement made at Consensus 2018. eToro is one of the largest brokerage firms in the cryptocurrency space in Europe and is also expanding to Asia. Currently eToro offerings the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on its trading platform and more than half of eToro users trade cryptocurrencies

  • Thailand will be formally regulating transactions related to digital assets. The country is now classifying that cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are digital assets and individuals who transact digital assets will need to register with the SEC. Further, Thailan will be allowing ICO’s to continue in the country which is a reversal from back in February when the Bank of Thailand banned crypto transactions

  • Japanese internet giant GMO will be releasing its 7nm bitcoin mining chips in two separate versions. Currently the Hash rate is 241 PH/s and the company projects the Hash Rate will increase to 3,000 PH/s. The V2 version of the 7nm chip will be geared towards in house mining operations, cloud mining and will be available to the public

  • HTC is selling a blockchain phone that will be dedicated to decentralized applications and security. The phone will support decentralized applications (Dapps), have a hardware element for cryptocurrency wallets and each phone will be a node. The HTC blockchain phone follows blockchain phones Sikur and the Sirin lab’s Finney phone. Details on the phone’s specs are not available but the company is taking reservations already

  • Cryptocurrency firm Circle, which bought cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex in February, has raised USD$110mm in Series E funding. The funding round was led by Chinese firm Bitmain Technologies and Blockchain Capital, Pantera, Digital Currency Group were other notable investors. Circle has created a new USD-C token which is backed by the price and reserves of the USD$. Circle has plans to release Circle Invest, Circle Trade, Circle Pay as well

  • Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb announced it will be adding five new cryptocurrencies to its trading lineup. The newly listed coins are: TenX (PAY), WAX (WAX), Power Ledger (POWR), Loopring (LRC), and Gifto (GTO)

  • Quantamize’s Machine Learning Crypto Signals are on day two of their rolling three day forecast and currently nine cryptocurrencies out of thirty are buys. Most notably, Bitcoin is a “Don’t Own” and has been for the past five days - Bitcoin’s rolling 5D% change is -6.97%.

Quantamize Crypto Signals Active Return Outperformers 

Cryptocurrency YTD Active Return* Accuracy Rates
Populous 96.92% 61.50%
Bitcoin Cash 93.21% 64.41%
NEO 86.87% 60.65%
Zcash  73.53% 61.04%
Stellar 65.13% 67.86%
Bitcoin 53.80% 62.75%

*Active return is the difference between our Crypto Signals and the Benchmark