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Cryptocurrency Midday Report

May 16, 2018

  • Coinigy is launching a subscription-based cryptocurrency trading mobile application via Coinigy Mobile. The application will be available for iOS and Android users allowing customers to place orders on nearly 20 exchanges with data connectivity on more than 40 exchanges. The subscription will be USD$21.95/month

  • CNBC’s Brian Kelly is launching a Blockchain ETF. The ETF will be actively managed and consist of a portfolio of 30 companies actively using blockchain technology

  • Microsoft’s Bing search engine is following the lead of Google, Facebook, and Twitter by banning cryptocurrency advertisements. Microsoft believes cryptocurrencies and related products are problematic for their users because they are not regulated

  • Telecom firm Nokia and Software company OSIsoft is partnering with Blockchain data platform Steamr to allow mobile customers to monetize their user data and make purchases. Participants will buy and sell real-time data streams through Ethereum smart contracts and use the ERC-20 token called DATAcoin

  • Lex Sokolin, of Autonomous Research, a financials based research firm, believes it is time for financial advisors start becoming educated on cryptocurrencies because their clients are likely to invest with or without them

  • FuzeX has created a smart eCard that enables shoppers to store up to 15 cryptocurrency accoutns, 10 debit or credit cards and five reward accounts in one place. The eCard’s battery will last for 45 to 60 days and will be rechargeable. The product has been tested this far, 20,000 fuse cards have been sold


Quantamize Crypto Signals Active Return Outperformers 

Cryptocurrency YTD Active Return* Accuracy Rates
Populous 96.92% 61.50%
Bitcoin Cash 93.21% 64.41%
NEO 86.87% 60.65%
Zcash  73.53% 61.04%
Stellar 65.13% 67.86%
Bitcoin 53.80% 62.75%