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Cryptocurrency Morning Brief

Jun 05, 2018

  • Currently it has been reported that USD$5.86bn of EOS is being held by only 10 addresses, which represent 49.67% of the existing 1bn EOS tokens. EOS has under 900mm tokens circulating and ~100mm is held by the development team. The EOS consensus weighted to the number of tokens held. The MainNet was launched just two days ago, and 10 crypto addresses hold approximately the same amount of voting power as the other 169,000 addresses
  • Because Visa discontinued WaveCrest from its platform, cryptocurrency credit card purchases were halted for Visa card holders. A new venture, Decoin, has been created to provide investors with credit card access. Decoin will be offering its own suite of credit cards to users that hold its cryptocurrency. Decoin uses a Proof of Stake consenus system and will also allow users to hold their cryptocurrencies in a wallet that bears interest
  • Germany’s Finance Minstry has confirmed that six financial instutitions in Germany are active in the cryptocurrency space. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) did not specifically mention the banks or entities that are involved. Recently, BaFin members offered help to Georgia’s central bank to “share supervisory experiences” on cryptocurrencies. BaFin also mentioned that there were no open inquiries relating to money laundering or other suspicious activities.
  • According to Google Trends, searches for Bitcoin (BTC) have declined by 75% since the beginning of 2018. Analysts have cited the correlation between the decline in Bitcoin’s (BTC) price with the decline in the Google search activity. Using Google’s ranking system, Bitcoin had a popularity score of 37 in the month of January, and now has a popularity score of 9. In contrast, searches for EOS (EOS) are up 97% in 2018 which can be attributed to the company’s price appreciation and its fundraising efforts
  • Steve Wozniak recently had an interview with CNBC and stated that he is hopeful Bitcoin (BTC) becomes the world’s single currency. He mentioned that its “not that I necessarily believe it’s going to happen, but because I want it to be that way”. Wozniak initially bought Bitcoin (BTC) at USD$700, however, he sold all his holdings except for one coin. Wozniak is also hopeful on Ethereum (ETH) and has stated that Ethereum has the potential to become “the new Apple”. Wozniak’s beliefs on Bitcoin are centered on the mathematics behind the cryptocurrency
  • Quantamize’s Machine Learning Crypto Signals have been updated for a new 3-Day rolling signal. Currently, 6 cryptocurrencies are “Buys”, while 24 cryptocurrencies are “Don’t Own”