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Cryptocurrency Midday Report

Jun 08, 2018

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  • Three luxury apartments sold for 420 Bitcoin (BTC) in the coastal region of Montenegro. Astra Montenegro Investment Association (AMIA) which sold the properties encouraged the use of digital currencies for the transaction. Purchasing real estate with cryptocurrencies has been a growing trend since early 2017 and have taken place in cities such as Miami, Amsterdam, Dubai and Manhattan
  • In 2018 it has been alleged that USD$1.1bn in cryptocurrencies have already been lost, most of which is due to investors failing to properly secure their investments. Allegedly, the malware needed to steal cryptocurrency costs on average USD$224 and even some as cheap as USD$1. Additionally, some malware comes with customer service. Quantamize recently wrote a Crypto QuantShot on how to successful store cryptocurrencies. Check out the Crypto QuantShot page to learn more
  • Data from Chainalysis shows that there are approximately equal amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) held by speculators and long-term investors. Additionally, the firm reported data showing that trading volumes for BTC have declined accordingly with Bitcoin’s price. Currently ~USD$1bn in trading volume occurs daily, down from USD$4bn back in December
  • A recent patent application shows that Mastercard is exploring the use of public blockchains. The patent aims to securely verify payment cards at the point of sale. Mastercard seeks to convey and retrieve processes to verify user payment credentials and display the information on a public blockchain. Mastercard has said that transactions will need to be secure, but the card will not be physically needed
  • Cryptocurrencies are remain lower as of midday. has updated its 3-Day Buy/Don’t Own trading signals on 30 cryptocurrencies – 5 are rated as Buy. Quantamize’s CryptoFolios will be updated Monday Morning