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Quantamize's New US Put-Writes Yield Enhancement Q-Folio

Jun 08, 2018


Stock investing has become a web of salesy-gimmicks that are heavy on “flash”, but light on substance. At Quantamize, we cut through the noise of stock investing.

Options investing can be intimidating for some investors, but it doesn’t have to be! Our US Put-Writes Yield Enhancement Q-Folio simplifies the process of options trading. Our Q-Folio is an AI-powered portfolio that combines big data analytics with our quantitatively derived multi-factor stock rankings in an easily accessible manner.

Our US Put-Writes Yield Enhancement Q-Folio adds another layer to our traditional Q-Folios by using advanced volatility analytics to determine the optimal options structure for the stocks that our multi-factor models find appealing. This Q-Folio is designed to maximize your yield and generate substantial monthly income. It is comprised of series of put-write options, and features stocks that are highlighted by our models.

The 155 individual Yield Enhancement Q-Options trades that we suggest have generated an average annualized yield of 12.19%. Now imagine a portfolio full of options trades just like these, only optimized to reduce volatility, provide higher yields, and function like a traditional portfolio.

Let our state of the art, quantitatively optimized US Yield Enhancement sleeve go to work for you, maximizing your yield, and helping you generate the monthly income you seek.

Click on the link below and go to our Q-Folios product page to see for yourself!


Quantamize Q-Folio Product Suite