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Cryptocurrency Morning Brief

Jun 13, 2018

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  • Spot.IM, a company in the Israeli tech sector will be offering to pay salaries in bitcoin (BTC). Current negotiations are over the appropriate exchange rate. Agreements are expected to be reached over the next month. The plan will allow employees to opt to receive complete or partial payment of their paycheck in bitcoin
  • Protos Asset Management has recently developed ratios to streamline the valuations of cryptocurrencies. The company believes there are exclusive properties of crypto-economics including: turnover, developer activity, users and news. The firm has taken these fundamental data points and created a four-ratio valuation system. The full ratios are: network value to transaction volume, network value to developer output, network value to users, and network value to news
  • Coinbase has announced they will be launching their index fund which is composed of cryptocurrencies on their exchange services platform. The fund will only be open to US accredited investors and will be accepting investments of USD$250,000 to USD$20mm. The index fund’s weighting will be 61.5% Bitcoin, 27.2% Ethereum, 8.2% Bitcoin Cash, and 3.1% Litecoin. Quantamize currently offers six different CryptoFolios with different allocations than Coinbase’s. Quantamize’s CryptoFolios are derived from advanced AI Machine Learning algorithms
  • JD Finance, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce player, announced it will be issuing asset-backed securities (ABS) on a blockchain. The Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission has reported that JD Finance has established a trial in partnership with Huatai Securities which will underwrite the issuance and Xingye Bank will act as a trust. Each party involved will act as a node. This experiment will test if the blockchain can meet the demands of parties involved in the asset securitization process
  • China’s Baidu Baike, which is similar to Wikipedia, will begin to use blockchain technology. The firm will be utilizing the blockchain innovation to record updates and alterations to its singular pages. The site approximately has 15mm sections and has received commitments from 6.4mm givers since the site launched
  • Thomson Reuters is expanding its cryptocurrency sentiment data toolkit and will be covering 100 cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin data feed was launched in March and was created in partnership with MarketPsych. The platform gauges sentiment such as “excitement” or “hope” to provide insights for clients using its natural language processing and machine learning technology