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Cryptocurrency End of Day Recap

Jun 13, 2018

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  • The Tron (TRX) platform has acquired a peer to peer file sharing network called BitTorrent. The head of the Tron platform had been pursuing the acquisition since last September. This past January, the protocol signed a letter of intent. Tron’s mission is to build a decentralized internet where developers can build blockchain-based applications
  • Swytch, a blockchain-based energy platform will be working with Energy2market, a leader in energy trading. The partnership will aim to power homes in Germany with renewable energy and reward users with tokens. Swytch uses smart meter and blockchain technology to reward users who generate low carbon emissions. Energy2market claims it can aggregate power from decentralized generation and consumption systems
  • Recent research has found that 5% of Monero (XMR) has been mined through Malware. The mining was done via cryptojacking, which is a practice of using computer processing power from another individual without his or her permission. Josh Grunzweig of Unit 42 threat research team collected ~470,000 samples on the amount of cryptojacking miners within the Palo Alto Network WildFire platform. The report showed that USD$175mm has been mined maliciously. Additionally, the report noted that the data does not include web-based Monero (XRM) miners and the amount could be higher
  • Greenwich Associates has performed a study and reported that more than USD$1.7bn is being spent on developing blockchain each year. The firm noted that 10% of banks internationally are spending over USD$10mm a year on blockchain projects. However, Richard Johnson – a member of the firm, mentioned that over half the executives the firm interviewed said implementing distributed ledger technology was harder than they had expected
  • Major cryptocurrencies remain at the end of the day with the crypto market experiencing a broad market sell-off. Quantamize AI Machine Learning 3-Day Crypto Signals are on their third day and will be updated tomorrow morning