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Cryptocurrency End of Day Recap

Jun 14, 2018

The EOS blockchain went live earlier today., the company behind the EOS raised more than $4 billion for the ICO.  EOS is up 13.16% to $11.37 today.

The SEC ruled that Ethereum will not be considered a security today. This may lead to other cryptocurrencies losing their securities designation, which will lead to less regulation. The SEC ruled that Bitcoin was not a security a few months ago. Ethereum rose 10.15% to $524.26 today.

The online brokerage TradeStation, is preparing to open a cryptocurrency exchange within the next 6 months. TradeStation’s parent company, Monex Group, purchased Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange earlier this year. While there are no firm plans, TradeStation may use Coincheck’s infrastructure to create the exchange.

The Wall Street Journal listed 5 blockchain companies in its list of 25 technology companies to watch this year. These companies included Blockstream Corp., R3, Digital Asset Holdings LLC., Brave Software Inc., and Abra.

Source: Stockdio