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Cryptocurrency Midday Report

Jun 19, 2018

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  • New York based blockchain company Prometheum has partnered with Manorhaven capital, a registered broker-dealer. The partnership aims to become the first legal initial coin offering (ICO) platform. The venture also said that it has filed with the SEC for registration as an Alternative Trading System (ATS). Prometheum is hoping to create the first platform that allows companies to issue tokens through a regulatory-compliant Reg A+. The Reg A+ allows companies to raise funds up to USD$50mm.
  • The recently hacked cryptocurrency exchange, Coinrail, has plans to resume service. Reportedly, the exchange has removed a key part of its terms of service before it was hacked. The estimated amount stolen was USD$41mm. The exchange’s website details how 70% of its total coins have been moved to cold storage and 80% of the tokens that were leaked have been frozen/withdrawn or redeemed.
  • BlitzPredict has released blockchain technology where market odds for sports betting will be verifiable and the blockchain will display a public record of sports betting predictions. The blockchain will show each user’s betting record, make sure they can’t delete their losses and show their return on investment. The technology will allow for users to purchase World Cup betting advice using the platform’s XBP token which is ERC-20 compliant.
  • Bitcoin’s hashrate has increased by 15% over the past two weeks, even with the price declining below USD$8,000. The constant rise in hashrate shows a consistent level of interest in mining the cryptocurrency. This also shows that there is increasing competition between miners and that the overall security of the network is improving.
  • Major cryptocurrencies are mostly positive as of midday. Bitcoin is trading at USD$6,684 and is up 48bps over the past 24 hours. Quantamize’s AI Machine Learning 3-Day trading signals were updated Sunday 6/17/18 and will be updated on Wednesday 6/20/2018. Quantamize's AI Machine Learning CryptoFolios were updated Sunday 6/17/18 and will be updated on Sunday 6/25/2018