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European Stocks at Midday

Jun 28, 2018

European Stock Market                                                                                                                                                                                Start Your Free Trial Today

  • Sentiment across European equity markets is notably negative, as persisting Sino-American trade tensions continue to roil markets. Inflation data out of Germany came in slightly softer than expected, while data out of Italy and Spain beat estimates. European currencies are mixed against the greenback
  • European stocks are broadly lower with the Euro Stoxx 600 -0.90%, the FTSE 100 -0.33%, the DAX -1.32%, and the CAC 40 -0.76%
  • All sectors in the Euro Stoxx 600 were in negative territory
  • Information technology (-2.39%), materials (-1.22%), and consumer discretionary stocks (-1.18%) are the most significant underperformers in the Euro Stoxx 600
  • Market breadth for the Euro Stoxx 600 is decidedly negative with 111 stocks advancing compared to 478 declines
  • Volume across European markets is 5.06% below its 10-day average
  • An ECB economic bulletin noted that although economic expansion in the EU remains strong, the balance of risk is skewed to the downside in the medium term
  • The Eurozone Business Climate index came in slightly weaker than the consensus (1.39 vs 1.40)
  • Germany’s preliminary CPI grew +2.1% Y/Y in June, which was slightly below the consensus (+2.2% Y/Y growth forecasted)
  • Italian CPI for June increased by +1.4% Y/Y, edging above forecasts (+1.3% growth anticipated)
  • Spanish inflation data for June was slightly stronger than expected, growing 2.3% Y/Y compared to the consensus for a 2.2% Y/Y growth

Highlights from the European Bond Market

  • French treasuries are higher today, with the yield on France’s 10-year bond down 2.0 basis points to 0.688%
  • Yield on the German Bund has declined 2.0 basis points to 0.297%
  • Greek sovereign treasuries are lower as the yield on Greece’s 10-year bond has risen 4.3 basis points to 4.003%
  • Italian 10-year bonds are selling-off with the yield on Italy’s 10-year up 1.1 basis point to 2.812%

What is Going on with European Currencies?

  • EUR€ has appreciated by 0.23%, to EUR€0.8635/USD$
  • GBP£ is 0.28% weaker, to GBP£0.7648/USD$
  • SEK is down 0.23%, to SEK8.9975/USD$

*Data in price return.

Euro Stoxx 50 Movers

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Outperformers Ticker Price Chg % Chg Volume
ISP IM Equity Intesa Sanpaolo SpA 2.46 0.02 0.82% 45.45M
GLE FP Equity Societe Generale SA 36.08 0.17 0.46% 1.85M
EI FP Equity Essilor International Cie Generale d'Optique SA 120.9 0.15 0.12% 298.68k
SAN SQ Equity Banco Santander SA 4.59 0 0.07% 15.35M
ALV GY Equity Allianz SE 173.28 0.08 0.05% 561.88k
Underperformers Ticker Price Chg % Chg Volume
ASML NA Equity ASML Holding NV 165.95 -4.8 -2.81% 480.05k
SAP GY Equity SAP SE 97.46 -2.49 -2.49% 1.38M
VOW3 GY Equity Volkswagen AG 143.12 -3.42 -2.33% 600.43k
CRH ID Equity CRH PLC 30.36 -0.72 -2.32% 327.61k
BAYN GY Equity Bayer AG 93.76 -2.1 -2.19% 1.39M