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Cryptocurrency Midday Report

Jul 17, 2018



  • GMO Internet, a Japan-based digital services company, has teamed up with Aozora Bank Group launching a new web bank that will use blockchain technology to facilitate the payments on its network. The new joint enterprise is called GMO Aozora Net Bank and is being dubbed the “next generation” bank. The new bank is said to be utilizing blockchain, advanced security certificates, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. By leveraging blockchain, the bank expects safer and cheaper payments.
  • Boeing announced in a press release that it will be partnering with AI company SparkCognition to develop pilotless air vehicles using blockchain technology.  Boeing invested $32 million into the Texas-based SparkCognition last month to work together on tracking unmanned air vehicles, to allocate flight corridors, and support package delivery among other uses. SparkCognition CEO Amir Husain believes that the aerospace industry could be helping create a new market worth almost $3 trillion.
  • IBM and Columbia University have partnered to launch a new research center to increase blockchain application development and blockchain education initiatives. The research center will begin reviewing blockchain proposals for research programs, business initiatives, and curriculum development. Additionally, it will advise blockchain startups on regulatory issues and provide internship opportunities. Columbia University provost John H. Coatsworth stated that he sees the new partnership significantly advancing the school’s applications and scholarships.
  • Chicago-based tech provider Trading Technologies announced a partnership with several cryptocurrency exchanges.  Trading Technologies and these exchanges aim to remove manipulation from their platforms.  Trading Technologies is noted for previously partnering with Coinbase to allow institutional investors to trade bitcoin futures. UK crypto exchange operator Coinfloor will be using Trading Technology’s Score technology to monitor its markets for manipulation and other malicious activity.