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Cryptocurrency Midday Report

Jul 19, 2018



  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. has recently filed a patent called “Systems and methods for management of asset or obligation-backed virtual receipts on a distributed system.”1 The patent will utilize blockchain technology to better manage virtual receipts backed by assets or obligations like bonds.  These receipts can be realized as their own tokens on the blockchain and can be used to link the proprietary assets and obligations to their digital identities on the blockchain ledger, with the goals of efficient ownership tracking and transfer.
  • StartEngine Capital, a subsidiary of funding portal StartEngine Crowdfunding has announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a method of investment.  StartEngine Crowdfunding helps companies with fundraising and this announcement makes StartEngine the first FINRA-regulated funding portal to accept a cryptocurrency. The company started facilitating ICOs on its platform in late 2017, these fundraising companies can now accept investments in Bitcoin.
  • Institutional digital-asset trading solutions firm trueDigital Holdings (TDH) announced plans to develop market maker Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) price indices.  TDH will be partnering with 10 different liquidity providers including Circle, XBTO Group, Genesis Global Trading, DV Chain, Hehmeyer, and Altonomy. These indices’ reference rates are composed of bid and ask prices from major cryptocurrency market makers, and are safeguarded with anti-manipulation software.
  • NiceHash, a cryptocurrency cloud-mining platform, reported that they are looking for beta testers for its new major platform update.  Before they release the new update, they are asking for testers to screen the site for any bugs, especially regarding security. The top 100 contributing users who caught the most bugs will split a 1 Bitcoin (BTC) reward through a raffle at the beta testing conclusion.