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How Did European Stocks Close?

Jul 19, 2018

European Stocks at the Close



Major European indices ended mixed today, with the Euro Stoxx 600 -0.23%, DAX -0.62%, and CAC40 -0.56% closing lower, while the FTSE 100 +0.10% ended higher. Periphery markets ended lower today, with Spain’s IBEX -0.33%, Greece’s ASE -0.92%, Italy’s MIB -0.40%, and Portugal’s PSI 20 -0.10%. The VSTOXX ended 7.41% higher today, up to 12.85 after closing at 11.96 yesterday. Yield on the Italian 10-year sovereign bond is down 1.8 basis points to 2.498%, while the yield on the German Bund is 1.3 basis points lower to 0.329%.

*Data in Price Return; Source: Stockdio

Stocks Trending in the News

Bayerishce Motoren Werke (DB: BMW) has never considered moving its US production to China amid tariff concerns, according to company spokesman Kenn Sparks

Koninklijke Philips NV (ENXTAM: PHIA) won a major legal battle in the Delhi High Court, in which the court determined that two domestic manufacturers infringed upon the company’s patent right over a channel decoding technology used for DVD video playback functionality

Orange SA (ENXTPA:ORA) shares declined 0.74% today, marking the eight consecutive day of negative trading for the company. This is Orange’s longest losing streak in 7 years

Swedish Match AB (OM:SWMA) finished 5.66% higher today, after the company reported 2Q2018 operating profit that was higher than expected (SEK1.29 billion vs SEK1.18 forecasted)