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How Did European Stocks Close?

Jul 20, 2018

European Stocks at the Close

Major European indices ended lower today, with the Euro Stoxx 600 -0.14%, DAX -0.98%, and CAC40 -0.35%, and the FTSE 100 -0.07% all declining. Periphery markets ended mixed, with Greece’s ASE -1.60%, Italy’s MIB -0.41%, and Portugal’s PSI 20 -0.22% ending lower, while Spain’s IBEX +0.04% ended higher. The VSTOXX ended 7.22% higher today, up to 13.77 after closing at 12.84 yesterday. Yield on the Italian 10-year sovereign bond rose 7.5 basis points to 2.578%, while the yield on the German Bund is 3.7 basis points higher to 0.369%.

*Data in Price Return; Source: Stockdio

Stocks Trending in the News

Bayer AG (DB:BAYN) announced that it is puling its Essure female contraceptive implant off of the US market, after FDA warnings about civil and criminal penalties if it failed to warn customers about potentially severe health risks

Daimler AG (XTRA:DAI), Volkswagen AG (XTRA:VOW3), and Bayerishce Motoren Werke (DB: BMW) declined 2.47%, 2.40%, and 1.84% today, respectively, as the threat of US imposed auto import tariffs was exacerbated by an EU investigation into the practices of German auto makers regarding these companies lobbying against higher emissions standards

Deutsche Bank AG (DB: DBK) finished 0.66% lower, after reports that the embattled German bank will pay a $75 million fine for its improper handling of ADRs.