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Cryptocurrency Morning Brief

Jul 23, 2018



  • Global investment firm Vaultbank has announced that free stock trading will be added to its platform launch in October. The platform will now include the free stock trading, crypto trading, and even trading security tokens.  Vaultbank’s platform is currently undergoing beta testing, but users can sign up for the platform’s waitlist on
  • Popular cryptocurrency debit card provider, Wirex, has added a Ripple (XRP) wallet to its platform. 1.7 million clietns across 130 countries will now be able to use their Wirex Visa Cards to transact with XRP. XRP is currently the third-most popular cryptocurrency by market cap, and was specifically chosen by Wirex due to its unique utility for facilitating global payments.
  • Decoin is disrupting the crypto credit card market with its DTEP Exchange & Trading Platform.  The Decoin credit card will operate directly the company’s coin wallet and will permit users to spend their digital currencies wherever and whenever they choose. Users registered to this exchange will also supposedly have the ability to earn redistributed revenues, up to 20% of the exchange’s trading revenue.
  • Lufthansa, one of the world’s largest airlines, has announced a partnership with software firm SAP to create a competition focused on increasing the airline industry’s adoption of blockchain technology. There are currently not a lot of efforts being made to incorporate blockchain in the airline industry, and initial submissions into the competition are due at the end of August. Lufthansa is looking for applications regarding data processing, flight booking, loyalty programs, and supply chain enhancements.
  • Cryptocurrency trading millionaires, especially in China, are looking into investments in foreign real estate markets as a form of diversification. Through the use of real estate startup apps, Chinese investors can buy real estate in California using Bitcoin (BTC), for example, through Hong Kong brokers that don’t require the same taxes and documentation as other financial assets held abroad.
  • Bgogo, a new digital assets exchange launched by former employees at Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will offer a decentralized approach to listing tokens on their exchange.  The platform will use supernodes as the listing authority which will give status holders the right to pick a cryptocurrency to list on the Bgogo trading platform. The platform plans to be a more transparent and affordable than the traditional high-fee exchanges.