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How Did European Stocks Close?

Jul 25, 2018

How Did European Stocks Close?                                                                                                                                   Start Your Free Trial Today

  • European stocks finished broadly lower with the Euro Stoxx 600 -0.26%, the FTSE 100 -0.66%, the CAC 40 -0.14%, and the DAX -0.87%
  • Real estate (+0.63%), retail (+0.43%), and food & beverage stocks (+0.42%) were the biggest outperformers in the Euro Stoxx 600
  • Autos & parts (-3.03%), travel & leisure (-1.14%), and insurance (-0.93%) were the most significant underperformers
  • VSTOXX finished up 6.11% to 13.50
  • Yield on the Spanish 10-year down 1.9 basis points to 1.345%. Yield on the German Bund was relatively unchanged at 0.392%


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Bayer AG (DB:BAYN) is facing more lawsuits stemming form its Essure contraceptive product, which has allegedly resulted in serious side effects for customers, which the company failed to properly warn about. Shares of Bayer finished 0.44% lower

Indivior Plc (LSE: INDV) shares traded 7.74% lower today, after it was revealed that the company’s Suboxone opioid addiction treatment has continued to lose market share. Suboxone, which is Indivior’s biggest drug by revenue generation, has a market share of 49% as of July 13th, down from 52% at then end of 2Q2018 according to a company report

Vivendi SA (ENXTPA:VIV) announced that it is concerned about information leaks at Telecom Italia. Vivendi is the largest shareholder of Telecom Italia, and is reportedly considering regaining full control of the company

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