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Cryptocurrencies Down This Morning as US Crypto Mining Dealt Another Blow

Jul 31, 2018

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Movers By 24 Hour Price Change %

Name Symbol Price 1H% CHG 24H%CHG 7D%CHG MARKET CAP 24H VOLUME
Ethereum Classic ETC USD$16.71 -0.69% -2.2% 0.92% USD$1,728,231,898.0 USD$179,257,138.9
XRP XRP USD$0.43 -0.93% -3.27% -4.93% USD$17,071,601,090.0 USD$232,047,493.82
Bitcoin Cash BCH USD$787.33 -1.05% -3.33% -7.73% USD$13,594,905,786.0 USD$441,088,404.86
IOTA MIOTA USD$0.95 -1.17% -3.67% -2.43% USD$2,636,529,526.0 USD$33,732,974.71
Bitcoin BTC USD$7837.15 -2.21% -3.72% -3.57% USD$134,655,750,840.0 USD$5,140,959,255.41

Movers By 24 Hour Volume

Name Symbol Price 1H% CHG 24H%CHG 7D%CHG MARKET CAP 24H VOLUME
Bitcoin BTC USD$7837.15 -2.21% -3.72% -3.57% USD$134,655,750,840.0 USD$5,140,959,255.41
Ethereum ETH USD$435.13 -1.07% -5.57% -8.03% USD$43,962,701,522.0 USD$1,828,548,576.74
EOS EOS USD$7.3 -1.23% -10.29% -11.82% USD$6,617,673,451.0 USD$888,087,710.54
Bitcoin Cash BCH USD$787.33 -1.05% -3.33% -7.73% USD$13,594,905,786.0 USD$441,088,404.86
Dash DASH USD$220.59 -3.05% -6.88% -11.61% USD$1,814,413,360.0 USD$296,699,561.33
  • Franklin County Public Utility District commissioners in Washington have ordered a moratorium on applications from new cryptocurrency miners. The commissioners agreed to temporarily stop accepting applications after spiking energy demands. Staff of the utility district will now have time to study the effects of extremely high energy demands on the electric system.
  • IoT and blockchain platform Ambrosus has announced the launch of its mainnet, called AMB-NET 1.0. Ambrosus improves pharmaceutical and food supply chains by allowing companies to record private and public supply chain data on its blockchain. Organizations can work with the Ambrosus Network through its native AMB token.
  • San Francisco-based platform, DCEX, will begin accepting registration applications for its new cryptocurrency exchange. DCEX’s base currency, the currency participants use to exchange for other currencies, will be Ripple’s XRP.  This is a change from the cryptocurrency exchange norm of using Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as base currencies. Not basing all transactions off of Bitcoin is a step in the right directions for pushing the market to be more independent from it.
  • Thomson Reuters, a Canadian mass-media and information company, has announced a partnership with CryptoCompare, a cryptocurrency data tracking resource. CryptoCompare will provide Thomson Reuters will trade and order book data on 50 cryptocurrencies.
  • Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the world fourth largest bank by assets, announces it will making its first loan on a blockchain system.  The loan, valued at USD$300k, is meant to support the local tea industry in the Guizhou province and is backed by a piece of agricultural land.  
  • Major Cineplex, the largest movie theater chain in Thailand, is integrating cryptocurrency payments to permits moviegoers to buy anything from tickets to popcorn.  Major Cineplex is partnering with RapizPay to deploy the digital currency payment system. This comes a week after the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission began allowing cryptocurrency operators to file license applications.