Getting Started with Quantamize

What is your approach to investing?
At Quantamize, we use a multi-factor quantitative framework to model and score stocks. This approach helps us quickly cut through the noise around stocks, options, ETFs and cryptocurrencies to find the best investment ideas for you. You can learn more about multi-factor quantitative modeling by visiting our Why Multi-Factor? and How It Works description pages.
I am interested in stocks, where should I begin?
We encourage you to first check out our Global Top Stock Ideas to see our Conviction Buys and Conviction Shorts for global equity markets. Once you find stocks that interest you, use the Stock & ETF Ranking Search to get comprehensive analytical data including Q-Factor scores as well as detailed financial data for these stocks. Stock Research Reports, our company reports, should be your next stop and there you will find quantitative snapshots of many of the stocks we cover. Finally check out Stock Model Portfolios, our quantitative portfolios, and evaluate both aggressive and defensive themes to help you build your portfolio.
I am interested in trading cryptocurrencies, where should I begin?
Our suite of cryptocurrency products help you cut through the noise and make the right decisions about all things crypto! If you are simply interested in trading cryptocurrencies, please check our Crypto Trading Signals to get our 3-day recommendations. Our proprietary “Buy”/“Don't Own” signals are derived from our big data machine learning algorithms specially tailored for each cryptocurrency we model. If you are an investor looking for ideas about what cryptocurrencies to own, then you should check out our quantitative Crypto Model Portfolios. We have three classes of Crypto Model Portfolios: Big 5 Crypto, Cryptocurrency and Altcoins. Each class offers two styles of Crypto Model Portfolios: Risk-Reward and Low Volatility. We recommend you explore all 6 Crypto Model Portfolios to figure out which Crypto Model Portfolio best fits your investment goals. Our Crypto FAQs and Crypto Research Reports are here to help explain basic concepts behind Cyrptocurrencies, Blockchain and the ecosystem that supports them. Don’t forget to check our Crypto Signal every day for updates to our “Buy”/”Don’t Own” recommendations!
Where should I start my options research?
We have designed our Option Strategies for all types of investors. Whether you are looking for directional bets on stocks and ETFs, income trades, or hedges for your portfolio, our Option Strategies have you covered!  Every day, we use our multi-factor and volatility quantitative models to find trade ideas that will help you achieve your investment goals. Our Options FAQs help explain options topics we touch on in our trade recommendations. We recommend you review our Options FAQs whenever you have any questions about terminology we use in our trade recommendations. Remember to visit the Q-Options page every day to learn about new trades that our models are finding for you to help enhance your trading and portfolio return!
How can I follow the markets throughout the day?
Quantamize helps you stay informed throughout the market day so you should check back often. Start your day with the Morning Brief and get a quick recap of global markets. Check your Stock Watch List for an update on how the stocks that interest you are trading. Check the Crypto Trading Signals page and see what our models are saying about your favorite crypto. Check back late morning for Q-Options trading ideas. Stop by midday and check out our midday market update. Later in the day check out the Quantamize Blog for a quick read and check the Stock Research Report page for newly published company reports. After the close see our daily market wrap up for an update on how the markets closed.
How do I find more information about a specific company?
Stock Research Reports are reports highlighting individual companies among the 30 countries and 10,000 stocks we model. All of our equity reports present quantitative analysis combined with critical information data points, including price and volume history, trending news and sentiment measures, RSIs and Bollinger bands. Stock Research Reports take the noise out of stock analysis and are a quick way to get the information that matters to identify promising investments.
Use the Stock & ETF Ranking Search to find critical analytics on 20,000 global stocks. Analyze stocks with a trove of data. See proprietary Q-Factor Score rankings on the 10,000 stocks we cover. See traditional data like price and volume, extensive financial reporting data and technical analysis graphs. There are also alternative data analytics including social media and news sentiment graphs. While looking up any stock you can add it to your watch list to monitor more closely.
How do I use your research to create a portfolio?
While we don’t give advice about HOW to create portfolios, we would recommend you check our Stock Model Portfolios to check out different ways we choose to optimize portfolios. You may also want to check out our Stock Model Portfolios FAQ which goes into more detail about the approach behind Stock Model Portfolios.  
We believe ALL investors should try to construct their portfolios in a way that removes all emotion, biases and noise from social media and TV shows! If you are going to build your portfolio from scratch, why not check out our Global Top Stock Ideas FAQ that goes into detail about how you can use our different Conviction Buy and Conviction Short lists to build the right portfolio for you.
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